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centrifugal pump factory Anhui Wolong Pump Valve Co., Ltd  was established in 1985, and then it was known as Wan’nan plastic factory. It is located at Maolin, Jingxian County, Anhui province, China, neighboring Mount.Huang and Tai Lake.

The company is the first manufacturer in China to introduce the corrosion-resistant “Fluoroplastic” which patented by ‘Shanghai Organic Chemistry Research Institute’ and use it to fabricate pump, valve, pipe and fittings. Main products including: Chemical Pump, Magnetic Drive Pump, Self Priming Pump, Sump Pump, Mortar Pump, Acid Pumps and Submerged pump, all kinds of valves and fittings etc. , totally 16 series and 280 specifications .

The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, acid or base making, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, organic silicon, fluorine chemical, forming foil, rare earth, pesticides, pharmacy, papermaking, galvanizing, radio industry etc.

With the land area of 85,000 m2, there is totally more than 460 people work for the company, which 136 of them are technician, and 50 of them are sales, the sales people working in 8 son/subsidiary companies in the whole country. The production capacity is: 50,000.00sets of pump, 30,000.00sets of valves and 18,000.00 sets of fittings. Besides the standard products, we can produce customized products according to customers’ request.

For quick response and fast delivery, we keep a heavy stock, almost for all size products, for the common used products we can delivery it within one week.
To guarantee the products’ quality, the company got the ISO9001 certificate in 2000, and all the processes under strict control. To ensure better and smarter service, In 2010, the company introduced Japanese Meticulous Management System and applied it to its entire business operation.

Over 30 years, Anhui Wolong Pump and valve Co.,Ltd focus on technical development, successfully developed series of Teflon lined pumps. Because of strict process control, scientific management, reliable quality and first class service, the company has earned high reputations among customers. And have been gaining many rewards from local government.

Now “Anhui Wolong” brand become one of the famous brands in China, with the establishment of Anhui Wolong pump&valves Co.,Ltd ,Shanghai branch and Son company Shanghai Shuangbao Machinery Co,Ltd .Anhui Wolong have began its journey for whole world market, and you will find you have or already have one reliable partner on your side when you need some reliable pump soon.
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